You are in the business of changing lives.

It’s important, invigorating, and rewarding work, but it isn’t always easy.  It can be full of uncertainty and stress – even for the most successful and experienced organizations out there.

Ask yourself: 

Do you ever feel yourself bracing for some major changes that you know are coming, without a plan for how to tackle them?

Are there ways that you know you could be working more effectively, but you just can’t get unstuck from the way things have always been done?

Are you grappling with some sticky internal challenges that continue to hold you back from doing your best work?

And do you dread going through yet another painful, predictable strategic planning process? Only to end up with an unrealistic or uninspiring plan that will be collecting dust on a shelf before the end of the year?

Lachman Consulting’s strategic planning work is custom designed to help you find solutions and develop a plan to overcome your biggest, most troubling organizational challenges.



Our Planning Process

Our collaborative approach to strategic planning involves
6 key stages:


We get to know you and your organization and map out a planning process that is custom-designed to get you the results you want.


Together we develop a plan to engage your board, staff, and external stakeholders in the planning process in a way that is both meaningful and efficient.


We help you scan and understand the internal and external forces that will impact your organization by conducting surveys, interviews, research, and evaluations.


This is where the real fun starts!  We design and facilitate strategic planning sessions that get you to think creatively and act decisively as you shape your organization’s future.


We prepare a strategic plan draft that summarizes the key decisions from your strategic planning sessions, and we partner with you to gain feedback on the plan from key stakeholders including your board.


Dusty strategic plan shelf pieces are our #1 enemy!  We help you develop practices to ensure your strategic plan stays relevant and sustainable over time.


  • Brooke Curran
    As a result of working with Jen, our whole team feels more connected and more invested in RunningBrooke’s success than they ever have before. We have a roadmap to guide us, and we’re all working towards the same thing.
    — Brooke Curran, Founder and Executive Director, RunningBrooke

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