Need More New in Your Life? Take These 3 Steps Now!

Starting something new feels exciting, creative, adventurous, courageous and, oh yeah, terrifying.

I’ve got all of these emotions going on right now as I launch Lachman Consulting and build a new career and, really, a new life for myself.

I know that I’m not a natural thrill-seeker or risk-taker, so if I was going to take this big leap, I needed to build some daily support and encouragement into my plan.

Are you ready to create a change in your life, but something’s holding back?

Here are three practical steps that will give you the courage and conviction to start something new.

1. Create a vision that propels you

Before you sit down to put pencil to paper, get your head up in the clouds and dream. What are you inspired to create?  What impact will your creation have on you and others?  What does a day in this future place look like for you?

Just like an organization crafts a vision that inspires its staff members and supporters to action, your vision will be your driving force.  It will motivate you during those times of overwhelm, doubt, or exhaustion.  Because you are working towards something big!   Create a vision and find a way to remind yourself of it daily – pin it up on your corkboard or start a daily practice that connects you to the vision that inspires you.

2.  Expect the negative chatter … and change how you choose to hear it

Those little gremlins in our head (you know the ones that bring up all of our self-doubt and negative self-talk?) just love it when we’re going for our dreams.  They love taking our fears and twisting them into these big scary stories, in attempt to sabotage our chance at success.

I used to let the gremlins run the show – convince me that I could never do “____,” and I might as well give up now.

But this time around, I changed the story.  When the gremlins get loud, I get excited.  It means that I am going for my dreams and something really big is right around the corner.

This negative chatter will come – that you can trust.  Reframe how you choose to hear it, and let it drive you to action rather than hold you back from what you want.

3.  Don’t go for perfect

I’m a recovering perfectionist, so this one is hard for me.  When I find myself slipping back into my perfectionist ways, I read this excerpt from Seth Godin’s daily blog:

Any project that’s held up in revisions and meetings and general fear-based polishing is the victim of a crime. It’s a crime because you’re stealing that perfect work from a customer who will benefit from it. You’re holding back the good stuff from the people who need it, afraid of what the people who don’t will say.  Stop polishing and ship instead. Polished perfect isn’t better than perfect, it’s merely shinier. And late.

If you’re going for perfect, you’re going to be working at it for a long time.  The world is waiting to share your vision.  And guess what – if you don’t do it first, someone else will.  So what are you waiting for?

Drop me a comment in the comment area, and tell me how you’ve been successful in starting something new in your life.  I can’t wait to hear from you.