Strategic Planning Step 3: Assess Your Current State

You know what a SWOT analysis is, right?  Of course you do!

You probably can’t count on your hands the number of times you’ve participated in a SWOT analysis.  Last week I met with a nonprofit leadership team, and one of their long-standing staff members recalled 30 years of SWOT analyses!

We’ve all done a-gazillion SWOT analyses, because the SWOT is a great tool for assessing an organization’s current state by analyzing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

But what if you’ve done one too many SWOTs and you’re ready to try something new?  Well I’ve got a treat for you.

Check out Video #3 in my Strategic Plan series below, and learn:

  • 9 critical questions you need to answer to understand your external environment and how it impacts you
  • The major pitfalls to avoid in this step of the strategic planning process
  • AND an alternative to SWOT that will help you assess how your nonprofit is doing and to understand what forces you need to change to reach your desired state (Make sure you grab the worksheet for this exercise below!)

In your third strategic planning worksheet, you will walk step-by-step through a Force Field Analysis.  By the end of the exercise you’ll know  where to focus your organization’s resources over the next several years, so that you can achieve your desired state.

You are doing great!  3 Steps down,  2 to go.  Up next, we’ll start to bridge the gap between where your organization is now and where you want to be.  Keep it up!


P.S. This video is step 3 in my new free series, 5 Simple Steps to Strategic Planning Success.  In this 5-part training series, you’ll get short, easy-to-follow videos and actionable worksheets that will demystify the strategic planning process and help you develop a strategic plan for your nonprofit … one step at a time.  In case you missed it, here’s a link to Video #1 and Video #2.