Strategic Planning Step 4: Choose Priorities and Set Goals

In today’s training video, we tackle step 4 of the 5 strategic planning steps.

Before I tell you more about this video, I want to congratulate you for having the courage and commitment to take your nonprofit to the next level.  Creating a strategic plan is no easy feat, and you are doing AWESOME!   Keep up the hard work! Many people fail to finish what they started, but I know you will keep pushing through the strategic planning steps, because you’re committed to making a difference in the world.

Video #4 is where the puzzle pieces start to come together, and your strategic plan comes into focus.  We’ve spent a lot of time exploring what’s possible for your nonprofit, and now it’s time to get down to business, put pen to paper, and write your strategic plan.

So check out today’s video and learn:

How to choose strategic priorities that will focus your nonprofit’s resources on the right things
A new spin on SMART goals and how to set them for your organization
What to include in your strategic plan (don’t forget to grab this week’s worksheet for an easy-to-follow strategic plan outline that will make writing your plan a breeze)

Click here to download your fourth Strategic Planning Worksheet, so you can get to work drafting your strategic plan!

4 Steps down, 1 to go!  See you next week when we’ll look at how you’re going to implement your plan with success.


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P.P.S. This video is step 4 in my new free series, 5 Simple Steps to Strategic Planning Success.  In this 5-part training series, you get short, easy-to-follow videos and actionable worksheets that will demystify the strategic planning process and help you develop a strategic plan for your nonprofit … one step at a time.  In case you missed it, here’s a link to Video #1, Video #2, and Video #3.