Coaching Question

What are you in the process of learning?

I love learning.  Most of the time.  And then there are the times when learning sucks .... 

When you’re working on your management skills, and that feedback conversation didn’t go as planned

When you’re a new ED, and that whole board thing is turning out to be way harder than you imagined

When you’re trying to get better at something that’s really important to you, but you’re starting to doubt if you’ll ever be as good as you want to be

[VIDEO] Mine's yoga - what's your answer?

What if the key to better thinking is less about clearing your schedule to make space, and more about capitalizing on the times and places where natural, uninterrupted thought is already happening? If you feel like you’re constantly consumed by your to do list, this week’s video blog (yes, VIDEO!) is for you. 

What’s your one thing?

Being busy is so 2015. Today’s trend?  Simplify.  Declutter.  Focus. 

Less. Is. More.

Imagine that instead of having to do all the things to become a better leader, you could choose to do just one thing and achieve far greater results.