Leadership Coaching

What are you in the process of learning?

I love learning.  Most of the time.  And then there are the times when learning sucks .... 

When you’re working on your management skills, and that feedback conversation didn’t go as planned

When you’re a new ED, and that whole board thing is turning out to be way harder than you imagined

When you’re trying to get better at something that’s really important to you, but you’re starting to doubt if you’ll ever be as good as you want to be

[VIDEO] Mine's yoga - what's your answer?

What if the key to better thinking is less about clearing your schedule to make space, and more about capitalizing on the times and places where natural, uninterrupted thought is already happening? If you feel like you’re constantly consumed by your to do list, this week’s video blog (yes, VIDEO!) is for you. 

What’s your one thing?

Being busy is so 2015. Today’s trend?  Simplify.  Declutter.  Focus. 

Less. Is. More.

Imagine that instead of having to do all the things to become a better leader, you could choose to do just one thing and achieve far greater results.

What becoming a mom has taught me

When you become a new parent you get a lot of advice. Now don’t get me wrong – some of the pieces of advice I’ve gotten over the past few months have been lifesavers.  But nothing has been more valuable than the times when friends and family have held back on the advice and asked a question instead.

Are you listening? Here’s why you should be.

Sometimes I have to work on the weekend, and typically I’m not too stoked about it. But this upcoming weekend is a different story. On Sunday I’ll be spending the day with 27 incredible philanthropic leaders from across the country as I co-lead Exponent Philanthropy’s Coaching for Effective Philanthropy Program. During our time together, I’ll be supporting these funders to develop one skill that can transform the way they lead their foundations … Listening.

60 critical minutes to get your consultant relationship off on the right foot.

When you’re working with a consultant to create transformational change - in your nonprofit and in yourself as a leader - your relationship requires deep trust, honest communications, and complete transparency. This kind of intimate relationship takes effort to create and maintain. You need to start building the foundation from the very beginning of your work together, and you can do that with this one simple step.

Welcome to the New Website (These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things!)

We are excited to debut our brand-new website and we wanted to share it with you all first! We won’t keep you from exploring the site (which we know you’re eager to do), but we do want to point out a few features we are particularly excited about before you start clicking away.

Success with Consultants Starts Here

Over the next several weeks, we will be writing a series of blog posts on how you can partner effectively with consultants to advance your nonprofit’s effectiveness and impact.  Tune in to get practical, step-by-step tips that will leave you, your team, and your consultant thrilled with the results that you’ve created for your organization.

When Spooking Your Inner Critic Isn't Working

Your inner critic.  That self-defeating, trash-talking voice that tries to convince you that you aren’t good, smart, prepared, [whatever] enough to take on that big project, have that difficult conversation, rock your upcoming speaking gig, start a new thing … go after your dreams.

How To Be Transparent Without Oversharing

Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting the personal and professional growth of 25 incredible nonprofit leaders, each of whom aspires to become an Executive Director.  As I’ve watched them delve into what it takes to be an effective ED, I’ve been struck by their ability to zero in on and examine the most challenging elements of the Executive Director role.

Stop Fearing Feedback and Start Growing

As a leader, feedback is essential.  It tells us what makes us effective, unique, and compelling, so that we can continue to grow in those areas.  It also makes us aware of behaviors and attitudes that detract from our leadership effectiveness, so that we can open them up to examination and, if we’re willing, change.

Why You Don't need a Coach (But 3 Reasons You Might Want One)

I met up with a friend for coffee this week, and we got to talking about coaching.

He had worked with a coach before and described the experience as life-changing.  Ah, music to a coach’s ears!  I wish I could have bottled up what he was saying and kept it in my pocket for those times when I’m talking to someone about coaching, and they just don’t get it.

The ONE Question that will Change your 2014

I love this time of year.  Lots of things slow down (email traffic, meetings, projects) and there’s an opening of space for what’s most important in life (for me it’s family, friends, laughter, and love).

8 Resolutions to be a Better Leader in 2014

January is just around the corner, and New Year’s resolutions are in the air!  If you’re a dedicated resolution-maker, I bet you already have some ideas about what you might do differently in 2014.