Strategic Planning

The (contract) end is near. What's your survival plan?

When you have a rockstar consultant doing great work for your nonprofit organization, nearing the end of your contract with him or her can be a real downer.  You may be wondering, “how are we going to keep up this momentum once our consultant leaves?” 

Consultant woes? How to get things back on track

Let’s talk about what to do when things get off track with your consultant. Because let’s be honest, no consultant or consulting engagement has been, or ever will be, completely perfect. So, when you’re starting to get frustrated with your consultant, or you feel a more subtle sense of “things could be going better here,” follow these 4 simple steps to get things back on track...

60 critical minutes to get your consultant relationship off on the right foot.

When you’re working with a consultant to create transformational change - in your nonprofit and in yourself as a leader - your relationship requires deep trust, honest communications, and complete transparency. This kind of intimate relationship takes effort to create and maintain. You need to start building the foundation from the very beginning of your work together, and you can do that with this one simple step.

How RFPs are like eHarmony and a better way to find your match

In the vast sea of nonprofit consultants (especially here in DC), it can be hard to find your perfect match.  So once you’ve done your prep work, what’s the best way to find a great consultant to work on your project?

Welcome to the New Website (These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things!)

We are excited to debut our brand-new website and we wanted to share it with you all first! We won’t keep you from exploring the site (which we know you’re eager to do), but we do want to point out a few features we are particularly excited about before you start clicking away.

Success with Consultants Starts Here

Over the next several weeks, we will be writing a series of blog posts on how you can partner effectively with consultants to advance your nonprofit’s effectiveness and impact.  Tune in to get practical, step-by-step tips that will leave you, your team, and your consultant thrilled with the results that you’ve created for your organization.

Why Most Strategic Planning Fails (and 5 ways to make sure yours doesn’t)

Your nonprofit is ready to embark on a strategic planning process, and energies are high.  Everyone is excited to come together, think creatively about how your organization can be even better, and forge a new, ambitious path forward!  And next thing you know … the planning process is coming to an end and, while you’ve got a shiny new strategic plan, in reality very little changes.  Sound familiar?

The Secret to a Flexible Strategic Plan

Everyone wants a flexible strategic plan, and yet so many nonprofits continue to churn out the traditional plan that charts one direct path from point A to point B.  It’s like going to the salon for a pixie cut and walking out with a perm.  What’s up with that?

5 Big Questions to Create a Strategic Plan That Is Really Strategic

So, you’re gearing up for another strategic planning process (because when are you not?), and this time you’re committed to creating a plan that your organization will be proud to call its own.

Strategic Planning Step 5: Implement, Track, and Pivot

I am so happy that you’re here for the fifth and final video in my training series, 5 Simple Steps to Strategic Planning Success!

Strategic Planning Step 4: Choose Priorities and Set Goals

In today’s training video, we tackle step 4 of the 5 strategic planning steps.

Strategic Planning Step 3: Assess Your Current State

You know what a SWOT analysis is, right?  Of course you do!  You probably can’t count on your hands the number of times you’ve participated in a SWOT analysis.  Last week I met with a nonprofit leadership team, and one of their long-standing staff members recalled 30 years of SWOT analyses!

Strategic Planning Step 2: Create Your Desired State

When was the last time you dreamt about the future of your organization?  I’m not talking about careful planning or smart strategizing for the future (we’ll get to that in steps 4 and 5 of the strategic planning process). I’m talking about real dreaming – expansive, unbound, imaginative thought – about what’s possible for your nonprofit organization.

The First Step To Strategic Planning Success: Prepare

I am so excited to announce my new free series, 5 Simple Steps to Strategic Planning Success.  In this 5-part training series, you’ll get short, easy-to-follow videos and actionable worksheets that will demystify the strategic planning process and help you develop a strategic plan for your nonprofit … one step at a time.

Is Your Nonprofit Ready For Strategic Planning?

I used to think that it’s never too early for a nonprofit to put together a strategic plan.  Even from the early days, shouldn’t all organizations have a compelling vision for the future and a plan that focuses its limited resources in a smart and strategic way?

The ONE Question that will Change your 2014

I love this time of year.  Lots of things slow down (email traffic, meetings, projects) and there’s an opening of space for what’s most important in life (for me it’s family, friends, laughter, and love).

8 Resolutions to be a Better Leader in 2014

January is just around the corner, and New Year’s resolutions are in the air!  If you’re a dedicated resolution-maker, I bet you already have some ideas about what you might do differently in 2014.