Nonprofit strategic planning

Consultant woes? How to get things back on track

Let’s talk about what to do when things get off track with your consultant. Because let’s be honest, no consultant or consulting engagement has been, or ever will be, completely perfect. So, when you’re starting to get frustrated with your consultant, or you feel a more subtle sense of “things could be going better here,” follow these 4 simple steps to get things back on track...

Welcome to the New Website (These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things!)

We are excited to debut our brand-new website and we wanted to share it with you all first! We won’t keep you from exploring the site (which we know you’re eager to do), but we do want to point out a few features we are particularly excited about before you start clicking away.

The Secret to a Flexible Strategic Plan

Everyone wants a flexible strategic plan, and yet so many nonprofits continue to churn out the traditional plan that charts one direct path from point A to point B.  It’s like going to the salon for a pixie cut and walking out with a perm.  What’s up with that?