As a nonprofit leader, your job is more than "just a job."

You care deeply about your work and are committed to making a positive impact in the world. 

Chances are that this drive has brought you great success – and has also led to challenges such as stress, burnout, and isolation.  

Our leadership coaching programs are designed to help you connect (or reconnect) with your unique leadership powers and purpose, and use them as fuel to overcome the challenges you face. 

You will gain clarity and direction that will propel you forward on your leadership journey.  You will get grounded and become a more powerful, confident, and effective leader.



Lachman Consulting specializes in working with nonprofit leaders who:

Are committed to finding and expressing their own authentic leadership style (you're not interested in someone telling you how it's done)

Are ready to reflect on and take the next step in their leadership journey

Want to lead with a greater sense of ease and fun – without compromising results

Want to find a healthier work/life balance, recognizing that stress is not only a quality of life issue, but also an issue of leadership effectiveness

Are willing to be honest, cultivate self-awareness, take ownership, and do the work needed to move forward



Our Coaching Process:

2. Know Yourself

1. Create Intention

We offer a variety of assessment tools and techniques to help you cultivate greater self-awareness of your unique leadership values and strengths

Your coaching will kick off with a two-hour discovery session to define the scope of the relationship and set specific goals and desired outcomes for the coaching

4. Take Action

3. Coaching Sessions

Between coaching sessions, you will make changes, experiment, and make progress towards achieving your goals

During bi-weekly coaching conversations, we will dive deep into your goals to help you gain insight, explore approaches, and make commitments to action


5. Sustain the Change

In closing, you will reflect on progress and insights gained during coaching, and develop a plan and next steps for sustaining the changes you’ve made



“Jen is uniquely suited to help nonprofit leaders with little time and limited bandwidth get better, faster. "

- Alex Moore, Chief Development Officer, DC Central Kitchen